Pulver Crawford Munroe LLP provides political law advice and government relations services to clients across North America who engage with various levels of government in British Columbia.

Our team of lawyers has significant experience working inside government as political aides and as government relations advisors. Our experience in Ottawa and Washington, combined with our law practices and government relations experience, give us a unique perspective on the intersection of politics, policy and the law.

Our firm provides direct services to clients on their lobbying activities in British Columbia and advice on developing a government relations plan to address their priorities.

In addition to our direct representation of clients, we provide political law services to government relations and public relations firms in support of their engagements with their own clients, as well as advice on compliance with lobbying and electoral law.

Our services include the following:

Direct Representation with Government

We have significant experience advocating for our clients with the Government of British Columbia across a spectrum of industries, including health care, retail, education, and other sectors. We also provide strategic advice to clients in developing their government relations plans and on their interactions with elected politicians and civil servants.

Government Negotiations

Our experience with labour and employment law has enabled us to successfully negotiate service agreements between health care professionals and the provincial government. In doing so, we work collaboratively with government and public relations professionals to achieve an optimal outcome.

Registration under the Lobbyist Registration Act and Investigations of Lobbyists

We are well-versed in the requirements of British Columbia‚Äôs Lobbyist Registration Act (“LRA”) relating to elating to initial registration, renewal and level of disclosure required. Our lawyers are experienced in preparing submissions to the Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists during investigations for alleged breaches by lobbyists of the LRA.

Analysis of Legislative and Regulatory Proposals

We cut through the legalese and provide clients with plain language analysis of the impact of government legislative and regulatory proposals.

Legislative and Regulatory Drafting

Often, initiatives that are advanced by lobbyists and their clients require legislative or regulatory amendments. Government constraints can cause delays in drafting such amendments. We are able to prepare proposed legislative or regulatory initiatives or amendments to present to government to accelerate the process.

Freedom of Information Requests

As lawyers, we routinely work with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FOIPPA“). We can prepare submissions on behalf of clients and lobbyists when disclosure of such documents would be harmful to their business interests. At the same time, we can assist clients in drafting FOIPPA requests for information from government bodies.

Lawyer Contacts

Dean A. Crawford, Q.C.